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    Portugal has a high number of accidents. There are numerous situations which allow the occurrence of events requiring emergency treatment in the workplace. In such cases, the way how is rescued will influence drastically the survival and recovery of victims.

    It is essential the presence of formed people capable of helping in whatever situation is. A space classified as "Safe Zone" is highly qualified in terms of first aid, with theoretical and practical knowledge about the techniques used in case of accident.

    According to the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation, per day, about 20 people and per year about 7300 people die of sudden death victims, whose main cause is coronary heart disease.

    Sudden cardiac death is a death caused by abrupt loss of heart function, which is popularly known as cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA). Most of these stops unexpectedly occurs when the heart's electrical impulses accelerate and / or become chaotic.

    This disease causes the heart stops pumping blood to the brain and lungs, causing the victim lose consciousness and the ability to breathe within seconds.

    The best we can do to save the greatest number of people is extending the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), placing them in strategic locations and conveniently forming people in Basic Life Support with Automated External Defibrillation (BLSAED) to be able use in providing timely relief to the victims.

    Protect yourself and your employees, creating a "Safe Zone"Safe Zone". . Bet on training and qualification. Contact us and get to know the Certified Training Courses and Programs in Automatic Defibrillation (PAED) of SAFE AID.

    We have a solution to fit your space and your organization.